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We're heading to Louisiana! Stay in the historic charm of an  New Orleans home with all your new (soon-to-be) gal pals. Relax in quiet quarters and get your learn on while just a few blocks away from Bourbon Street. Let's all explore NOLA together in 2018!


Let's be over-packers...

• DATES: March 23 - 26
• INCLUSIONS: Lodging and MOST meals
• PARTY THEME: Little Black Dress
• OCCUPANCY: 12-15

quick info:

Next stop: New Orleans, LA

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• Are you a wanderlust creative?
• Do you enjoy meeting other people or are you searching for a good vibe tribe?
• Are you burnt out or in need of a "reset?"
• Is your business ready to take the next step?
• Are you unsure of what "the next step" for your business is?
• Do you want to create a balanced workflow for your business?
• Would you like to assess your pricing with an industry leader? 
• Could you benefit from sitting down with a publication expert?
• Are you hoping to sharpen your off-camera lighting skills?
• Do you find yourself inspired by the way a location, the weather, a love story, and the details?
• Are you interested in deep chats with your peers about common obstacles?
• Would you like to provide more inspiration to your engaged followers?
• Do you want to attract more leads??
• Is there something you feel is missing in your business that you can't quite figure out?
• Do you need to get away?

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akp Jazzy Retreat

• Network new friendships.
• Explore NOLA.
• Shoot destination content for your portfolio.
• Attend educational courses that will walk you through a wedding, elevate your shooting technique, and provide you with confidence to rock your 2018 events.
• Receive intimate down time with mentors.

• Registration
• Lodging
• Most meals
• Headshots with Ashton
• Educational lectures 
• Interactive tutorials
• Customized swag
• Sponsored codes & promotions
• A first, ever, SURPRISE for

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We're NOLA bound!

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